Free rip videos from YouTube in several ways

capture ebaumsworld video clipsEveryday numerous video clips are uploaded by people like you and me. We are all tending to share videos that are something funny, recreational, useful and significant on YouTube. Because of its great popularity, many famous singers, like Rihanna, Lady GaGa and Kate Perry, put their music videos onto YouTube to gain the accessibility of most fans.

Consequently, you may hope free rip videos from YouTube either for flexibly watching without network connection or keep them for your own use. While, you may haven’t found appropriate way to do so.

Have a look at a question asked about this. Probably you are troubled with the same issues.

Is there any free website to rip Youtube videos?
Do you know any websites or programs that work to rip YouTube videos for free? I want to use some videos for teaching. I have tried, but the downloaded videos can’t be imported into Windows Movie Maker. Please help?

— Bianca from US

As you may know, is a website that allows you to rip YouTube videos online.

Here you can use another free online video rip site instead of it—

About its Merits
After free trying it, you will notice there are obvious advantages compared to or

Randomly pick a YouTube video to rip on, all available resolutions 1080P, 720P and 480P and lower quality modes are discovered for you to download. Although it’s a free Youtube Video Ripper, there is no compromise on downloading YouTube videos to greatest extent.

What’s more, you don’t need to install additional plug-ins or register on website. All the procedures to free rip videos from YouTube are finished straightforwardly on the website.

“How to use” instructions:

1. Enter your copied video link into the bar at the top, and press “Rip it” button. In seconds, all the video modes including HD videos can be automatically detected.

2. Choose one you like and right-click the download icon, and designate certain output folder on your computer.

Soon the process to rip YouTube videos online will be finished. Then just enjoy the video with your default media player.

Convert Videos for More Purposes

As Bianca asked, she wanted to edit downloaded videos with Windows Movie Maker, which only support wmv video format. While YouTube videos are usually in flv or MP4 format, so further convert videos maybe another demand of you.

Besides, sometimes you perhaps think of putting YouTube videos onto your cell phone or wireless multimedia players, so that you are able to view them portably or share with friends.

Software to download and process videos infinitely

The Pro version of Video Ripper is a standalone desktop program to fulfill your needs of downloading and transforming videos at a time.

downloadDownload Video Ripper Pro

ebaumsworld Video Ripper Pro


1. Compared with free Youtube Video Ripper, the utility has no limitations to download YouTube videos in large quantity or size.
2. Covert video clips to different formats like avi, mp4, flv, wmv, h.264 and so on, or various kinds of mobile digital players.
3. More supported video sites are included, such as, facebook video, National Geographic and Ebaumsworld.


1. Needs installation of extra software.
2. You shall purchase it when the trial version to rip YouTube videos for free expired.